02 Ott

Susanna Cati has created the project ‘Emotional rescue’, a modular installation composed of dozens of hand-made flowers, each one unique, which, starting from a place of evocative beauty, will go around the world together with those who have purchased its own. They will be certified as ambassadors to be immortalized in places that have been deprived, depleted, stripped of their art and beauty or in sites that, because of their historical, artistic or naturalistic interest, deserve greater attention, knowledge, care and promotion. Subsequently, posting the shots on #susannacatiemotionalrescue (or sending them to susannacati@libero.it) there will be a large photo album that, with the artist’s intention, will become a choral archive of places to be enhanced and preserved, not a complaint, but an invitation to pursue the ‘beautiful’ and to spread the attention of the public.

The aim is to protect and preserve the beauties of our planet, especially the lesser-known ones. An interactive fiber art project that involves the visitor, investing him/her with the responsibility of being an emotional rescuer, a defender of the emotions aroused by beauty, a champion of ‘blossoming’ wherever his/her path takes them.

Curated by Barbara Pavan

Free entry and participation in compliance with anti Covid regulations